Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Beauty Therapy

Every few weeks I go to my beauty therapist to have her pull, poke, pluck every part of my body to remove it of hair and put random combinations of chemical and plant extracts on my body to make it beautiful.

Or so the theory goes anyway.

I'm starting to transform into my bridal body...i'm skinny (for once) thanks to the help of some diet pills and careful eating. (screw you carbs!). I'm starting the round of treatments and on saturday my hair will be getting the transformed.

But is my wedding day the only time i'm going to be truly happy with myself?

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Monday, October 29, 2007

bridal dramas

The bridesmaids shoes were the same shoe from the same shop, same brand everything.

One pair had completely black beads, the other a mixture
of grey and black


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Sunday, October 28, 2007

the abandoned wives club

Not only am i getting married in January but I will be officially be joining the abandoned wives club.

You know what I'm talking about those girls that get abandoned by the husbands because of 'work'. Sure there are times when I need to do things for work, the odd dinner or business trip (if i'm lucky) but right now i'm sitting here all on my lonesome because future hubby had to go on a trip. He was suppose to be home tomorrow but something happened and now they don't know when they'll be home :(.

So i guess i'm the abandoned wives club newest member.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

little housewife

I swear I'm becoming more and more like a housewife...right now I'm cooking him dinner, last week i made him cupcakes...I shudder to think what I'll be like after the wedding.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

life and love online

Julia Alison blogs about how sites such as facebook and myspace have changed the way we do things in life, specifically about dating and etiquette.

I adore facebook and bebo, i can send people stupid messages, find people i haven't known since highschool and generally waste my time but it makes me worry sometimes...who's looking at my page? I wish i knew.

I guess the thing i'm the most worried about is the fact that really opens me up to the world, it opens us all up to the world...but then i guess so does this blog. Old boyfriends, old friends, old enemies can all find my page and cyber stalk me. It's only a small step between cyber stalking and stalking for real.

I might even have my identity stolen because of my facebook page and a psycho ex.

oh...the stress....

For the mean time i will continue to send silly messages.

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Sex, drugs and rock n' roll

They're talking about millie holmes on the radio...apparently she's trying to score a spot on the new treasure island hence the interviews.


Cruskets for breakfast

Wedding weight loss not going so well over the weekend. So far today i have eaten 3 cruskets with lisas baba ganush (sp?) and one chewey caramel tim tam...it's okay if i have just one right?

Over the weekend i totally fell off the wagon, fish and chips with a small (almost minuscule) salad, pizza, steak and veges, crackers with sweet chilli philidelphia and roast chicken with gravy a potato and some broccli oh and bacon and eggs (that my dad proudly cooked for me even though i told him i was on a diet).

It's not like i'm fat I just really need to fit in to a dress of a specific size and i'm sure i've put weight on since i got measured for the dress. ...uhhh winter weight?....so off it comes.

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Monday, October 22, 2007

I know i always say this...

but why the hell did i want to do post grad study? it's impossible to find any material i can use to answer the question appropriately.


I'm doing a post grad assignment on telecommuting, which conveniently i have left myself today to complete (and after work tomorrow), 2000 words to go.

New blog.

I guess my last blog was a period of transition for me, the time between leaving high school, going to university and finding out who I was in between everything else.

I'm just not in that place anymore. The last time i blogged was back in February, the day before i got engaged.

Now, I'm just over three months out from getting married.

So here it is...my new blog, a place for me to find out who i am now. And i guess over the next few months, a place for me to post my neurotic bride comments.

I'm not 100% sure on the name chardonnay, i guess we'll see.

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